5 technology areas influencing hiring trends in 2020

5 technology areas influencing hiring trends in 2020

Technologies are reshaping hiring trends as organizations try to fill the necessary skill gap within their workforce. Here’s how these 5 new technology areas will influence hiring trends in 2020

The hiring trends in the enterprises are now increasingly being shaped by digital transformation. Considering digital transformation involves cloud and a whole range of new and emerging technologies, enterprises are facing an acute shortage of skilled manpower. The demand for skills in these areas will only increase during 2020. Here are some of the key areas where enterprises will be looking to recruit trained manpower.

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has been a game changer as companies have been embarking on digital transformation journeys. It has also been a great enabler that allows companies to leverage a host of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), and Analytics among others. With the cloud services market India poised to grow to a whopping USD 4.1 billion dollars 2020, there will be a massive demand for cloud skills. There is a shortage in cloud skills as it requires the seamless orchestration of multiple functions, platforms and applications. While there are certifications offered by the likes of Google and Microsoft the demand far outstrips the supply.

Application development
As enterprises look to digitalize their businesses there will be a demand for professionals who can develop applications across web, mobile and social technologies.  With more and more people  using their mobile phones to transact, it is critical for organizations to be able to build and deploy apps and upgrade them as business needs change. According to various reports, India will face a skills shortage of 3,00,000 jobs in 2020. These will include professionals with skills in areas like AI and ML.

The threat landscape is changing rapidly. With the advent of mobility and IoT enterprises are increasingly susceptible to cyber attacks. Over time cyber threats have increased in sophistication and their ability to wreak havoc. Consquently enterprises are increasing security spends and putting in place processes, systems and policies to secure their datacenters, networks and end points where the data resides. The demand for security professionals has sharply risen in 2019. Industry observers believe that demand will further increase in 2020. Globally and in India security professionals command salary packages that are 10 to 15 percent more than software developers.

Networking and Wireless
The networking landscape is also changing as enterprises are transitioning to software defined networks (SDN) while also embracing new concepts like Edge Computing and Fog computing. While these technologies will help companies transform digitally they will require professionals with upgraded knowledge who are hands-on in these domains. While leading vendors of these technologies are offering certifications, the demand far exceeds the supply.

Data Science and Analytics
In the digitally transformed world analytics becomes critical. While most enterprises in India have deployed discriptive analytics, many are moving to predictive analytics. Some companies in the online space are also looking at real time prescriptive analytics. According to various estimates Indian enterprises will require over 100,000 data scientists over the next two years.