Building a smarter IT & IT Services enterprise with Hybrid cloud

Building a smarter IT & IT Services  enterprise with Hybrid cloud

Speed to business value and simplicity in deployments have been the top drivers of the steady growth around HCI solutions. IT organizations have begun to deploy their future forward workloads that require massive data ingestion and minimal latency on HCI due to performance and capacity.

With most data being generated outside of the data center, it has become critical for IT & ITeS organizations to look at increased automation, built- in intelligence and turnkey appliance approaches for both cloud and traditional workloads. Edge Computing is the flag bearer of driving compelling customer experience and bringing operational efficiency in today’s highly distributed work environments.

IT & ITeS companies are leveraging the distributed network infrastructure approach as they endeavour to modernize IT applications and, accelerate data generation to rapidly analyse data for competitive advantage. The hallmarks of HCI such as simplicity and cost efficiency stands to bring tremendous value to these organizations. Furthermore, VDI has triggered another momentous shift at the edge and enabled IT leaders to respond with agile infrastructure and analytics capabilities.