Building Future-ready Digital Enterprises

Building Future-ready Digital Enterprises

Top highlights :

  • CIOs are accelerating cloud adoption, but are looking beyond primary benefits such as cost & scalability, to solving real business problems
  • Tech leaders are leveraging AI/ML to build powerful data insights to improve and transform business processes
  • Enterprises are exploring how best they benefit from new IoT use cases while managing both legacy & modern machineries in the manufacturing sector


The past year has seen enterprises across a wide swath of industries reinventing and accelerating their digital transformation programs. Enterprises of all sizes and nature have now realised the importance of moving from a physical model to a digital channel to build more capacity and scale up to stay competitive.

The latest edition of “Digital Leaders Club” – a virtual round table series for CIOs, curated by CORE Media and Google Cloud India, focused on the preparedness of IT leaders embarking on their digital transformation journey. The participants in the discussion exchanged views on how their organisations were rethinking business and are adopting newer technology.

“In the face of growing competition and to stay agile and meet customer’s demands on time in the current landscape, enterprises, especially the manufacturing sector, is fraught with challenges in upgrading and modernising their infrastructure. It is important to understand how IT leaders are leveraging AI/ML, Cloud, and predictive maintenance from an industry 4.0 standpoint,” said Anoop Mathur, Founder & President, CORE Media, who moderated the discussion attended by senior IT leaders in the industry and Google experts.

Highlighting some of the interesting trends Google has seen in the last couple of months with its customers, Amit Kumar - Regional Director, Google Cloud India, said: “The pace of change is rapid, and companies need to adapt fast in a competitive world. A lot of our customers have been collecting data but have not had efficient ways of analysing that data for their businesses. Some of the digitally forward companies need to access this data on a real-time basis. Obviously, with the explosion of Cloud, data, and all the other technology around us, multi-cloud and security is becoming an important conversation.”

According to the IT head of a technology services company, “Digital is definitely a priority in these uncertain times. We have invested a lot on modernisation of our data centers. Our diverse applications had posed bigger challenges and security was the main concern when we embarked on our cloud journey. Currently, we are on our integration journey.”

Talking about the various offerings Google is developing for its customers, Rachit Srivastava from Google Cloud India threw light on Google’s Contact Center AI, a ground-breaking product, which helps increase customer satisfaction by actually lowering the operational cost.

“Through the power of AI, Google has developed products like Dialogflow, which helps in automating the interaction, enhances the self-service capabilities of routing your calls and chats. It also has a built-in Agent Assist API, which helps you in developing real-time assistance. The new Google Insights Platform helps you analyse the overall contact centre performance and experience so that it can give you end-to-end solutions in providing AI-driven conversational experience to your customers,” Srivastava informed.

Another CDO of a renowned cement company was of the view that automation is key to bring all the components together. “Generally, we do not tend to upgrade our machinery and invest in them. Many manufacturing companies face challenges with respect to the age of the plant. At our company, we are investing a lot in new technology. However, the biggest challenge is to connect the old equipment with the new IoT-enabled devices.”

“We began our AI journey due to the challenges that we faced last year due to global disruption, and we made good use of it while establishing our new plant. We are also working on predictive maintenance, energy, and plant optimization parameters with some industry 4.0 service providers and trying to build on hybrid kind of an environment till such time all our plants are at the same level of automation,” he added.

Another CIO from the mining industry elaborated on how he is leveraging digital and industry 4.0 to automate operations not just in the plants but also in the mines. The company has embarked on an ambitious digital roadmap leveraging analytics, AI/ML, telemetrics and a host of technologies to drive operational efficiencies, cost reduction and autonomous operations.