5 ways to ensure you hire superstars

5 ways to ensure you hire superstars

Finding the right person who will suit your organisation needn’t be like looking for a needle in a haystack. By Shweta Gandhi

An organisation is run by its employees—and it is those employees and their passion that sustains the success of a business. The wrong recruit can increase the cost to your company and reduce productivity. So the next time you’re hiring someone, ask these five questions to make sure you hire the right employee.

1. How does the person fare on social media?
There are only so many person questions you can ask in an interview. And with so many social media platforms around, you don’t always have to. It’s a good idea to analyse the candidate’s presence on social media to understand their mindset, opinions and background. What are their recent posts about? What articles have they shared? What are their likes/dislikes? What are their friends saying about them? Going through a candidate’s social media footprint can help you weed out the bad from the good.

2. Does the candidate match with the culture of the company?
Before hiring, inform the person about the organisation’s culture: do you have competitive team games, regular team outings, monthly town halls, a buddy system to help new hires? Their reaction to what you’re saying is a clue as to how they feel about the culture and whether they understand it. Ask the candidate about the relationship they shared with their manager or colleagues at their previous firm—did they meet outside of work? Ask about hobbies, interests, and passions so that you get a three-dimensional idea of the person and can judge whether they will be able to fit in.

3. Is the candidate highly adaptive?
The right candidate would be one who can easily adapt to a changing situation and environment, inside and outside the organisation. Nothing is constant except change, and this quality plays an important role in how successful a person will be. It will tell you how the candidate will react when he will be required to don multiple hats, engage in new roles and deal with new ways of thinking. So ask for demonstrative examples that show this quality. Ask about the most difficult situation they’ve ever been in and how they got out of it. Who was their toughest client and how did they adjust to their changing demands?

4. Is the candidate asking you great questions?
Something that’s really important, but something a lot of executives often miss. The interview is also an exchange of thoughts and ideas and a candidate’s questions speak volumes about their interest in the business, their enthusiasm for the job, and their willingness to risk asking a ‘wrong’ question. Are their questions thoughtful? Are they relevant? Have they been listening to what you have been talking about? Are they asking follow up questions?

5. Is the person committed to their career?
The key to finding a recruit who will stick around is to look for someone who truly is committed to their work. The candidate should have an ambition in life, a dream to achieve and a desire to excel. This will come across in the way the talk about their previous experience, the hurdles faced and the projects handled. Ask if they’ve ever been tempted to start their own company or what their goal was when they first started out on their career path.

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