Guide to becoming an industry influencer

Guide to becoming an industry influencer

Try this five-step plan to build a strong reputation and amplify your visibility.

1. Understand the people you want to influence
The first step in formulating your strategy is to zero in on your audience. Study your target audience well to know what they’re interested in. Research issues they care about, topics that attract them, etc. This will help you better plan how to draw them in and attract the right people for your industry.

2. Determine your niche
An influencer cannot be a jack-of-all-trades. So you need to select a specific niche area and establish your dominance in it. Choose a niche that corresponds to your area of interest, so that you can focus wholeheartedly on it, and comfortably build a reputation around it. Research extensively on the area, so that you are better able to focus, engage and respond.

3. Find ways to showcase your knowledge
Now that you’ve found your niche you need to expose your expertise to your target audience. Utilise every opportunity to actively share what you know. Research the best and most relevant way to share your knowledge. Make it freely available for people to sample. This could include publishing content, engaging on social media, talking/presenting at industry forums, moderating industry discussions/panels, joining industry committees, becoming a mentor, etc. Work to establish your credibility through original analysis and opinions.

4. Collaborate with a bigger influencer
A quick and easy way to attract and engage a bigger audience is to work with other influencers in the field. These could be individuals, research groups, media houses, or think tanks. While approaching other influencers convey your objectives and expectations clearly, and understand how you can benefit them. Be open to their reviews if you want to improve your brand perception. Work to build long-term relationships with them to get the best results.

5. Increase social media reach
Connect, connect, connect should be your mantra. Your social media presence has a huge impact on your role as an influencer. It’s a great way to build and showcase your personal brand. Share content freely, connect and engage with followers, other industry influencers and leaders. The idea is to create visibility using all the tools at your disposal.

Photograph: Padrinan/Pixabay