Habits of disruptive leaders

Habits of disruptive leaders

Here’s how you can go beyond average, embrace disruption and make it work for you.

Competitive pressure for innovation and the need to stand out among competition are often too strong for leaders to disregard. It requires them to leave their comfort zone and adopt a change-maker mindset. It’s about incorporating change into the company’s DNA and integrating it into the work culture. So how can you embrace disruption and make it work for you? Here are some habits to start adopting.

They question everything
Disruptive leaders have a questioning, curious mindset, seeking to constant push the envelope. They ask ‘why’ to challenge assumptions, provide clarity and direction, while also promoting innovation. They aren’t satisfied with the mundane and seek to challenge the given so as to provide better opportunities for the future. They don’t always have to provide all the answers, they simply ask the right questions.

They aren’t afraid to ask for help
Great leaders see success as a group endeavour, so they aren’t reticent about asking for and accepting help along the way. They have the self-confidence to think beyond mistakes and pitfalls in order to reach larger goals and achieve success. For them it isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather what is needed to affect change. They understand that asking for help makes you stronger, not a weaker leader.

They display decisiveness
The most effective leaders have the ability to make decisions with both speed and conviction and this is also what sets disruptive leaders apart. They arm themselves with information and increase their intelligence so that they have informed enough to analyse the situation, perceive the impact and implications and make they call. These leaders aren’t afraid to make the tough calls and understand that it is a part of their responsibilities as a leader.

They aren’t threatened by uncertainty
It’s in times of stress and uncertainty that a good leader truly shines. As advocators of change, disruptive leaders not only break the rules but also provide a clear agenda that takes their workforce systematically through the upheaval. Their receptive nature helps them quickly adapt to change even when situations are ambiguous and unclear, providing clear directives and a plan of action to their team. This helps ground their employees, who in their turn are also unfazed by uncertainty and can work effectively towards the common goal.

Break rules in order to make better ones
Disruptive leaders are known to break rules, but isn’t change for the sake of change, but rather to create better, more effective ones for the business. Their aim is to keep up with the constantly changing market. While doing so they make sure to communicate and introduce changes to the team in a systematic manner, which enables them to adapt and learn more quickly. All of this is done to ensure strategic planning and support for the organisation.

Photograph: Pixabay