The World is moving towards “Software Defined Everything”

The World is moving towards “Software Defined Everything”

The “Software defined everything” approach allows businesses to leverage anything and everything over the Internet.
— Amit Jaokar, CDO and CISO, NKGSB Bank

In the fast-changing digital world, it will be difficult for organizations to meet the immediate demands for scaling up resources due to unexpected growth and need for increased storage space and traffic.

Businesses are looking to leverage the “Software defined everything” to reduce / control the outflow, simplify their IT management, to gain virtually limitless control. It brings automation into the picture, adding value to your operations right away.

The precise exodus approach can support your business reap the paybacks of the Software defined approach at its best. Considering the advantages it offers, it is a smart decision for any business. Software defined architecture is the ideal approach for an enterprise to comprehend new channels and spread its wings.

The “Software defined everything” approach allows businesses to leverage anything and everything over the Internet. It gives the liberty to create state of the art software defined elements like Virtual storage, Virtual network, Virtual platforms etc. with all in one software defined management console to manage everything seamlessly. Since the offerings are so widespread, it acts as an ideal foundation to build a digital enterprise. Digitization is becoming imperative for enterprises to board on their transformation journey.

“Software defined everything” (SDE) is becoming an enabler that leads the transformation and sets up the right base on which the new age user experience edifice can be built to give them the UX that will hover around Gen Next offerings such as Fingertip Availability, Real-time Collaboration, Prescriptive Systems, Real-time Demand-Supply match, Ease of Use, Self-service.

SDE adoption makes it easy for businesses to scale up or down according to their operation, compute and storage requirements.  It eliminates the traditional mundane operational activities, easing the process of scaling. Tools such as data analytics and enterprise mobility will be icing on the cake & can take a business to the next level. One touch availability of “Anything & Everything” will become the ‘New normal.’

It is a prevailing technology that can support any enterprise harness innovation and produce winning outcomes & those who fails to realize & adopt will likely to have chances of instability, increased downtime and loss of productivity; loss of competitiveness, lower IT flexibility and limited responsiveness to the organization. Eventually all these reasons will increase the chances of losing to competitors.

(The views expressed are personal and do not represent the opinions of any entity whatsoever.)