Tech Leaders Signal a New Chapter in Enterprise Digital Transformation

Tech Leaders Signal a New Chapter in Enterprise Digital Transformation

The prolonged uncertainty in the market has forced enterprises to realign their business strategies while IT heads are planning and implementing their digital roadmap, reprioritizing their business goals, and innovation objectives.

With customer engagement being the buzzword that determines the planning, strategy, and business roadmap of an enterprise, IT leaders must rethink how to engage with their customers through another uncertain year. Several businesses are already leveraging digital in novel ways to deliver experiences valued by the consumer of today through flexible engagement models.

More than ever, enterprises have realized that Digital transformation enables them to improve their operational performance, customer experience, and brand reputation. According to a report, “The global digital transformation market size was valued at USD 336.14 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.6% from 2021 to 2028.”

Many CIOs swear to the fact that customers now want to be engaged personally. They are expecting much more than the experience they are accustomed to in the pre-pandemic times. The key focus now for every enterprise is on making their businesses contactless and still trying to keep that essence of hyper-personalisation in place and work around the customer expectations by offering seamless services.

In sectors such as BFSI, insurance, retail, healthcare, hospitality, etc., engaging the customer in these tough times is key, with most companies seeking to deliver experiences at the speed of customer demand. Obviously, creating an omnichannel kind of behaviour is the way to go forward for everyone.

Hitherto, some of them were traditionally doing a slow process of trying, testing, redoing, and deploying. But now they are looking at how they can bring the time to market significantly down and are focusing on how to optimize the IT infrastructure for such initiatives as everything they build for a customer requires something scalable in the background-- something that is extremely fast, and be able to deliver as per the promise that they make to their customers.

This is where most IT leaders want to start utilising sclable & flexible cloud models, advanced analytics, and automation to provide highly personalized customer experience. And one of the big benefits they see here is managing the clicks. They foresee their customers to become more and more digital-savvy, which is going to change significantly for everyone.

Industry experts and the CIOs echo the same thoughts that data is at the core of it, and AI/ML and IoT – all of these are changing, how businesses can help consumers better and faster in the new world.

The global disruption has acted as agreat impetus to organizations’ digital transformation ambitions. There has been a big leap forward for digital initiatives in the pandemic situation and it will continue. Tech leaders are foreseeing the shift to digital-first approaches becoming a long-term agenda for enterprises and therefor the adoption of digital will actually gather momentum in the days ahead.