Workplace Culture of the Future: Diving Deep with Tech in Tow

Workplace Culture of the Future: Diving Deep with Tech in Tow

Streamlined processes can be the holy grail for organizations to rebound and reaffirm their place within the business ecosystem, writes Mukul Singhal, Head - Digital and IT, Birlasoft.

We have seen businesses going digital for more than a decade now, however, following the outbreak of COVID-19, digitalization has become an integral part of an enterprises’ business strategy to survive in the new normal.

Additionally, the role of a CIO has been upped towards driving swifter adoption of digital technologies, and automation technologies to transform employee and customer experiences. Today, companies that want to digitally transform themselves must execute and respond effectively to customers and employee needs. This will help them remain competitive and drive the stakeholder/shareholder value.

Technology as the Key Enabler

Technology has always created new avenues which have helped in understanding improved ways of engaging with customers, planning towards increased turnover, and discovering new areas in technology that can empower businesses.

In the past few years, the pandemic withstanding, technology leaders have focused on working on unified business platforms to enhance visibility and support the scale of growth. That’s why adopting hybrid ways of working is becoming paramount. To implement this working model, having a digital-first and remote-first mindset along with the appropriate infrastructure, policies, and practices are essential to provide a seamless and scalable digital experience.

Adapting and Reinventing

We have entered an age where there must be a human-centric approach. Companies need to rethink their work patterns while adapting and reinventing to meet employee preferences.

During this pandemic, the focus has not only been about physical health but mental health as well. For the human-centric approach to gain impetus, companies must rethink how they can provide the best balance of both worlds to their employees. Hence, businesses are currently trying to figure out ways to ensure the right environment with development, digital scaling, etc.

When we talk about IT transformation being the key accelerator for digital transformation across enterprises in the present scenario, we must understand that transformation is an iterative journey. It's about unlocking new opportunities, driving growth, and delivering efficiencies via economies of scale.

In today's world, technology and businesses are becoming increasingly intertwined with business strategy driving the technology strategy and vice versa. Therefore, we need to have a breakthrough technological solution that can bring about positive disruption. Regarding this, organizations are reinventing themselves to sustain their growth momentum. They are also leveraging new-age technologies like AI/ML, RPA, edge computing, etc. to further enhance their business and create a competitive advantage for themselves.

Overcoming Obstacles

To overcome challenges that might arise while managing the IT infrastructure, organizations will have to realign their work strategies. Most organizations are already making significant investments into developing their assets and IP for the industry segments and are also looking at etching our micro-verticals to catalyze customer experience.

There is also no denying the business need for transformation and adoption of technologies like IoT, AI, Robotics, or Quantum Computing.

Organizations must continuously innovate and look at how they can become operationally efficient. The use of AI Ops can prove to be beneficial. While AI initiatives with ML Ops are continuously evolving, the focus on decision-making must be done basis the data rather than just the experience.

What Lies Ahead for Businesses

When it comes to addressing the IT outages, industry-wide, there is a burden of technical debt and a lot of outdated applications.

It is necessary to identify the business needs and goals to build a strong strategy. With a view into the future, the focus does not lie just on technology advancements, but will also be on how tech advancements can be leveraged to ensure quantifiable business needs are met.

A streamlined process can be the holy grail for organizations to rebound and reaffirm their place within the business ecosystem.

Mukul Singhal is the Head of Digital and IT at Birlasoft.


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